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Capture the 5G to Edge Opportunity

VMware software powers complex digital infrastructure for more than 100 leading service providers around the world. The company’s cloud, virtualization, app modernization, networking, and security, offerings help customers modernize their network and evolve to cloud-native operations. Unifying network resources from the core and RAN, to the edge and public cloud, VMware enables multi-cloud flexibility to improve economics and address 5G and edge opportunities. By embracing automation and enabling real-time decision-making, CSPs around the world work with VMware to optimize operations and improve customer experiences at massive scale.

Enabled by the most robust ecosystem of network function and hardware vendors, VMware has a multi-vendor approach which provides service provider partners the ability to differentiate and thrive in the digital era. One of the most strategically important partners in the VMware ecosystem is Intel. Communication service providers partner with VMware and Intel to access best-of-breed solutions delivered by the world’s largest pool of skilled experts to help them differentiate and thrive in the digital era.

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